VIA VPai 360° Platforms

VPai · Stand

A stylish stand-alone form factor that enables seamless Wi-Fi connectivity to an iPhone or Android smart phone.

VPai · Stand
VPai · Clip

A stylish and compact form factor that enables USB 2.0 and Type-C connectivity to Android smart phones.

VPai · Clip
VPai · Slide

A sleek and stylish form factor equipped with both Wi-Fi and USB connectivity to Android smart phones.

VPai · Slide

VPai 360°­ Features


720° Camera

Double Fisheye lenses with transverse and longitudinal 360° capture provide immersive full-angle experiences

Wi-Fi & USB Connectivity

Flexible Wi-FI and USB options ensure seamless connectivity between your camera and smartphone or PC

App Control

The user-friendly app interface offers a rich array of features including a choice of Panorama, Asteriod, and Fish-Eye views


Real-Time Preview

Record with a single click to capture what you see at any time and view the video or images on your phone

Immersive VR Experiences

Capture those magical moments in your life with VPai in immersive reality and relive the moments through VR glasses

Share Instantly

Share your videos and pictures to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms with a tap of a button