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With the rising popularity of 360 cameras and growing support for this type of content on various social media platforms, the 360 trend is about to explode. This fresh immersive medium provides creators with an opportunity to discover new paths within photography and film. While a conventional picture is “worth a thousand words”, a 360 image brings an immersive element to the table, adding a whole new perspective to digital imagery. To give you a sense of the magnitude of this creative potential, here are a handful of thrilling creative 360 photography trends from the web that are taking the 360 photography game to the next level.

Hide and Seek – Where is Waldo in 360

The ever-evasive red-striped master of stealth, Waldo, is a synonymous with anything hard to find. While looking for him in a flat page of a book can be fun, finding him in the below 360 image of a packed town created by Kevin Hohler is by far more engaging. For the most immersive experience, use the VR mode on your phone and a VR viewer (you can get one for cheap or make it yourself!).

Incorporating an Element of Surprise – Halloween is Just around the Corner!

Here is a fantastic example of creative 360 artwork from 360 photography master, A. M. Ewings. In his works, Ewings lures viewers into his meticulously crafted tranquil 360 worlds, but don’t get too comfortable – there is a surprise waiting for you! For the best effect, use a VR viewer.

Viewer discretion is advised!

With the Halloween just around the corner, use this opportunity to take your own creative 360 pictures that will scare and impress your family and friends.

Creating New Worlds – Inverted Tiny Planets

Another cool feature with a lot of creative potential is the inverted asteroid (inverted tiny planet), also referred to as “rabbit hole”, or “fox in the hole” shots. This effect allows you to create a vortex-like composition, guiding viewers to the center of the image. By placing your 360 camera in a vibrant setting (such as meadow covered with flowers), you are able to create captivating frames for your images. There are many fascinating examples of this type of photography out there (just search for #tinyplanet on Instagram). Here are some of our shots taken with our VPai 360.

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