VRCam X2 from Taiji Vision Enables Immersive 360-Degree Photography Experience for Apple® iPhone® Users

First VPai Slide-based 360-degree camera for iPhone® hits the market at an affordable price of $149

Taipei, Taiwan, 31 October, 2017 – VIA Technologies, Inc., today announced the launch of the Apple® iPhone® compatible VRCam X2 from Taiji Vision Co. Ltd.

Combining a sleek and stylish form factor with the powerful VPai iOS app that provides a rich array of real-time immersive capture, stitching, editing, and sharing features, the VRCam X2 provides a fun and flexible 360-degree camera for Apple iPhone users at the highly-affordable price of US$149.

Based on the VPai Slide 360 platform, the VRCam X2 features an integrated Lightning connector, dedicated battery, and SD card storage, making it easy to shoot, save, and share captivating panoramic 4K images and 2K videos on the fly. Key features include:

  • 360 Views: Panorama, Asteroid, Crystal Ball, and VR modes.
  • Filters: Twelve color filters to preview or edit captured media within the app, including a black and white filter, a range of beauty enhancements for close-ups of people, and the Skelton filter which transforms a scene into a sketch-like drawing.
  • Space: The VPai sharing platform allows users to upload photos and videos to the VPai cloud to be enjoyed by others in the VPai community.
  • Time-Lapse: This feature allows users to explore a whole new dimension of 360° capture by creating time-lapse videos.
  • Screen Capture: Users can take screenshots directly in the app to share Asteroid and Crystal Ball views of 360° images across any social platform from Pinterest and Instagram to Google+ and Twitter.
  • Live Streaming: Users can live-stream their 360° videos direct to leading social media networks including Facebook, YouTube, and Weibo.

The VRCam X2 is available from leading online retailers such as Amazon in four color options, namely: Luxurious Gold, China Red, Rose Gold, and Space Gray. With its flexible design, it can be plugged into an iPhone, attached to a tripod, or held in the palm of your hand.

“The VRCam X2 is a fun and affordable 360-degree camera for Apple iPhone users who love to experiment with innovative new forms of photography and share their images and videos online,” said Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “With its rich feature set and powerful VPai app it’s ideal for capturing magical panoramic moments during the forthcoming holiday season.”

VPai 360 Platform

VPai 360 platforms combine a production-ready 360-degree camera hardware platform with a suite of user-friendly smart phone apps that enable high-resolution immersive video and image stitching on the fly.

VPai software apps are available for Android, iPhone, and Windows, and come with a rich array of real-time immersive video and image capture, composition, and sharing features, including a choice of Panorama, Asteroid, Crystalball and VR views. Online content sharing is facilitated by direct connections to leading social media applications, including WeChat, Facebook, Weibo, and YouTube.

The VRCam X2 is currently available on Amazon. To order your VRCam X2 please visit:

VRCam X2 Rose Gold: www.amazon.com/dp/B075S2K7LT

VRCam X2 Space Gray: www.amazon.com/dp/B075S9YGHP

VRCam X2 China Red: www.amazon.com/dp/B075S6T2P3

VRCam X2 Luxurious Gold: www.amazon.com/dp/B075S8PNHC

For more information about the Taiji Vision VRCam X2, please visit: www.taijitech.com.cn/en/vrcam-x2

For more information about the VIA VPai Slide platform, please visit: www.vpai360.com/en/vpai-slide/

For images related to this release, please visit: www.viagallery.com/360-vpai/

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