VPai 360 Player

The VPai 360 Player provides a Windows desktop player to view your 360° images and videos captured with an official VPai Platform camera.

Installing the VPai 360 Player on Your Windows PC

First, download the VPai 360 Player from the above link. After the download has completeD, open the VPai_360_Player_setup.exe file and follow the on screen instructions to install. Upon completion the player will open automatically.

To begin, you can either drag and drop your 360° image or video file onto the screen, or click the “Select files” button or navigate from the top menu bar by selecting “File-> Open” and navigating to where you have your 360° files stored.

VPai 360 Player Interface


Change View: Clicking the “Change View” icon allows you to toggle between the Panaoramic, Crystalball, Asteroid and Default (source image) views.

Spin: The “Spin” icon allows you to adjust the speed at which the image rotates or turn off the feature.

Logo: The “Logo” icon allows you to toggle on or off the VPai logo which appears in the center of the 360° image.

Screenshot: The “Screenshot” icon allows you to capture the current view of your 360° image or video.

Image: When taking a screenshot of a 360° image, only the visible content within the VPai 360 Player will be saved.

Video: When taking a screenshot of a 360° video, a full 360° image will be saved of the current frame regardless if you have applied a different view. These images can then be opened in the VPai 360 Player like any 360° image captured by your camera.

Screenshot Save Location: The default screenshot save location is “C:\\Users\Username \Pictures\VPai”. You can change the default save location by selecting “Settings->Screenshot Save Location” from the top menu bar and designating a new folder.