VPai Clip Pro turnkey solution for leading-edge 4K 360-degree cameras

VPai · Clip2 Pro

VPai Clip2 Pro provides the ultimate turnkey solution for leading-edge 4K 360-degree cameras. Combining a production-ready hardware platform with a suite of user-friendly Android smart phone apps that enable real-time immersive image and video capture, stitching, and sharing on the fly, it speeds up time-to-market for this rapidly-growing new category of devices.


Sporting an eye-catching spherical design, VPai Clip2 Pro harnesses its powerful H.265 video compression engine to deliver stunning 4K UHD images and video on the fly. Advanced features such as post-processing video stabilization, auto white balance, and enhanced distortion correction ensure the richest 360-degree photography experience, while the camera’s highly-sensitive sensor combined with its large F2.0 aperture optimizes night-shooting performance. VPai Clip2 can be instantly plugged into an Android smart phone using a choice of USB Type-C & Micro-B connectors to capture and share magical moments in any place and at any time.

Dual 210° fisheye lenses with transverse 360° and longitudinal 360° capture
Real-time H.264/H.265 video compression engine
Auto white balance and enhanced distortion correction
Highly-sentsitive sensor combined with large F2.0 aperture for enhanced night-shooting performace
Integrated stitching engine for saving smart phone battery life
4096x2048 (4K UHD) video and image resolutions
USB Type-C & Micro USB 2.0
41mm x 42.3mm x 40.7mm
VPai Clip2 Pro


VPai Clip2 Pro runs the user-friendly VPai software Android app, which integrates a rich array of real-time capture, stitching, and sharing features that make the recording, rendering, and livestreaming of images and videos a snap. Image and videos are outputted as .jpeg or .mp4 files which can be directly edited with standard photo and video editing software.

  • Panorama, Asteroid, Crystal Ball, VR, and Source Mode views
  • Livestreaming on Facebook, YouTube, and Sina Weibo
  • Twelve color filters for enhancing images and videos and adding awesome special effects
  • VPai Space online sharing and community platform
  • Time-Lapse
  • Screen Capture
  • Real-Time Preview
  • Post-processing Video Stabilization


Social Sharing

Share your experiences in a whole new way through integrated social media channels including VPai Space, Facebook, WeChat, Line, and Sina Weibo. Livestreaming is supported on Facebook, YouTube, and Sina Weibo..

Customization Options

VPai Clip2 Pro is available in a variety of color combinations and language versions and can be customized to meet specific requirements. An APK is available for customers wishing to create a customized version of the app.