VPai Slide 360-degree camera platform

VPai · Slide

VPai Slide provides a sleek and stylish production-ready 360-degree camera hardware platform that delivers an unbeatable combination of functionality and fashion for Apple® iPhone® users.


With its detachable design that includes an integrated Lightning connector and dedicated battery and storage, VPai Slide makes it easy to shoot captivating panoramic images whenever inspiration strikes – no matter whether it’s plugged into your iPhone, attached to a tripod, or held in the palm of your hand.

Dual 210° fisheye lenses with transverse 360° and longitudinal 360° capture and 5MP sensor
Real-time H.264video compression engine
2048x1024 video and 4096x2048 image resolutions
Lightning Connector
Micro SD slot
800mAh Lithium ion battery
0°C ~ 40°C
128mm x 46mm x 22mm (WxHxD)


VPai Slide has a user-friendly iPhone app with advanced real-time capture, stitching, and sharing features for recording, processing and sharing 360-degree images and videos on the fly. Multiple color combinations and additional customization options are available.

VPai 360 App Features:

  • Panorama, Asteroid, Crystal Ball,
    and VR Mode views
  • Livestreaming on Facebook and
  • Twelve color filters for enhancing
    images and videos and adding
    awesome special effects
  • VPai Space online sharing and
    community platform
  • Time-Lapse
  • Screen Capture
  • Real-Time Preview



Social Sharing

Share your experiences in a whole new way through integrated social media channels including Facebook and WeChat, as well as in real-time with live streaming on Weibo andYouTube.